"I help elected officials and CEO's solve high-impact social problems."

DR. RENEÉ CARR helps political and corporate leaders solve problems that impact people, systems, or governments at the state-wide, national, or global level.

Dr. Carr also provides expert, unbiased TV commentary for breaking news and key issues.



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Dr. Carr solves the 'big' problems that challenge high-profile leaders. Her wide portfolio of solutions include:

  • Create influential connections

  • Concept & idea development

  • Criminal justice reform

  • Economic systems and "Reversal Equity" - eradicating poverty systems while preserving wealth  

  • Facilitate critical conversations

  • Housing insecurity; Homelessness

  • Human trafficking

  • National and state-wide healthcare systems

  • Legislation

  • Race relations

  • Reform initiatives

  • Environment and recycling

  • Social issues related to disparities and inequities

  • Underlying causes of food insecurity

  • Voting rights

Pandemic-Related & Arising Issues

  • Ethical persuasive messaging for positive and preventive behavior changes

  • Fact-based messaging that eliminates racial bias while reducing COVID-19 contamination

  • Corporate restructuring and rebranding

  • Cultivating conversations regarding race relations

  • Assessments and program development to support funding and training for police reform