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DR. RENEÉ CARR helps political and corporate leaders solve the most pressing social problems affecting their communities, corporations, and countries.

She transforms mindsets, behaviors, operations, and systems that result in the multiplied impact and quality of Client outcomes.

As a trusted Advisor, Dr. Carr partners with high achieving leaders to transform their processes, products, and outputs into industry blueprints for social good.

Dr. Carr also provides expert, unbiased, and intelligent commentary for breaking news, current events, and key issues.



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Dr. Carr solves the 'big' problems that challenge high-profile leaders. Her wide portfolio of solutions include:

  • Create influential connections

  • Concept & idea development

  • Criminal justice reform

  • Economic systems and "Reversal Equity" - eradicating poverty systems while preserving wealth  

  • Facilitate critical conversations

  • Housing insecurity; Homelessness

  • Human trafficking

  • National and state-wide healthcare systems

  • Legislation

  • Race relations

  • Reform initiatives

  • Environment and recycling

  • Social issues related to disparities and inequities

  • Underlying causes of food insecurity

  • Voting rights

Pandemic-Related & Arising Issues

  • Ethical persuasive messaging for positive and preventive behavior changes

  • Fact-based messaging that eliminates racial bias while reducing COVID-19 contamination

  • Corporate restructuring and rebranding

  • Cultivating conversations regarding race relations

  • Assessments and program development to support funding and training for police reform