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Dr. Reneé Carr
on air

As a media psychologist, Dr. Carr provides analysis on the psychological impact of current events, news headlines, crises, and high-impact problems.

Dr. Carr provides media commentary that is scholarly and science-based yet engaging and relatable to the general audience.

Her honest voice attracts listeners and viewers who want real, frank, and smart information to better understand critical news, current and future events; and a source they can repeatedly listen to and watch for explanation and advice.

Dr. Carr's catalogue of conversations include commentary related to:

  • headline news;

  • political behavior and governance systems;

  • psychological analysis of political figures, events, elections, and news;

  • interpretation of the behaviors, messaging, comments, and testimonies of individuals, groups, corporations, and political parties;

  • predictions of impact of decisions, events, and issues;

  • root cause analysis of problems, issues, behaviors, and events;

  • personality and behavioral analysis of public figures;

  • strategies and solutions;

  • high-profile corporations and their leaders; 

    • and their impact on the general public, specific groups, economy; 

  • commercial industries and marketplace events;

  • domestic and foreign government actions and relations;

  • public opinion, public emotions;

  • crises and tragedies;

  • systemic oppression;

  • social trends;

  • truth.

Dr. Carr also serves as an advisor to media outlets, news producers, and editors on news features, programming, and segments.

Sometimes controversial, but always credible.

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