On psychological measures of achievement and personality, Dr. Carr scores higher than 93% of the population.

As a high-achiever, Dr. Carr is driven to excel and obtain big wins for her clients.

A sample of her successes are listed below.


Dr. Carr has been responsible for her corporate clients winning multi-million dollar contracts, funding, and revenue generation opportunities ■ resolving, minimizing, and avoiding high-stakes crises ■ winning prestigious CEO awards and positive press ■ creating national models of best practices ■ winning high-profile legal cases ■ transitioning to and from high-profile CEO positions ■ obtaining national accreditations with "excellent" ratings ■ creating influential, high-profile, multi-industry membership organizations ■ re-branding CEOs and companies ■ improving profitability, productivity, and morale ■ improving police-community relations ■ re-positioning into luxury brands ■ providing forensic and psychological insights for serial killers and nationally publicized events... and more.

She has been responsible for the successes of her political clients including campaign wins ■ significant fundraising ■ positive press ■ creating authentic voter connections ■ developing voter loyalty ■ establishing powerful political relationships ■ creating powerful campaign teams ■ navigating delicate matters ■ resolving and avoiding reputation attacks ■ solving crises ■ eliminating stress ■ improving personal relationships ■ transitioning from political careers... and more.


Advertising/Public Relations

Attorneys, Legal, Litigation



Clergy & Religious Organizations

Colleges, Universities & Schools

Community Programming


Cyber Security


Entertainment - Playwrights & Stage

Entertainment - TV & Film

Foundations, Philanthropists & Non-Profits

Government - Domestic & Foreign

Government - Federal

Government - State & Local

Healthcare & Health Professions

Hospital Systems

Information Technology

Law Enforcement Agencies

NBA recruits

Politics - Elected Officials, Candidate Campaigns

Politics - Political Action Committees, Associations, Lobbyists


Retail Manufacturing - global brands

Social Care

Social Media Influencers – beauty, inspiration

U.S. Military