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During a crisis...

  • Your legal team will create a message that protects YOU.

  • Your PR team will create a message that "sounds" good and shows that you released a statement.

Neither of these traditional responses will convey sincerity or create public trust.

Show that you truly care.

As a psychologist with expertise in the understanding and navigation of high-profile matters and wide-impact issues, Dr. Carr is highly versed in helping leaders respond to a crisis or tragedy with compassion-centered statements.

She won't help you "tell a story", "spin" an issue, or personalize cookie-cutter and canned statements.

Instead, Dr. Carr helps you authentically connect with the public through heartfelt statements that emotionally resonate, foster forgiveness, communicate sincerity, lessen the outrage or hurt; and avoid boycott, strikes, and other damaging losses.

If you are experiencing a crisis and want to maintain or restore

social trust, contact our office day.

Dr. Carr will help you significantly increase

consumer loyalty, public confidence, and your reputation.


Strategy & Communications

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Crisis Availability

24/7    |    365


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