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As a proven expert, with quantifiable outcomes and consistency in excellence, Dr. Carr has served as the confidential advisor to high-profile leaders in a variety of industries and for a wide range of issues and challenges.

Social Issues

Dr. Carr applies the scientific understanding of human psychology (how humans think, feel, and behave), group dynamics, mental health disorders, power, persuasion, and fear:

  • To help leaders and agencies understand and address social problems and systems;

  • Help corporations effectively respond when social issues transfer to the workplace; and

  • ​Help leaders and the public make informed decisions in their voting, spending, personal well-being, and other choices.​


Current & Formerly Elected Officials

As a trusted advisor, Dr. Carr provides unbiased, psychological insights to help current and formerly elected officials both understand and strategically respond to social issues, current events, proposed legislation, and crises; And identify the ideal career transition plan to leverage influence and experience fulfillment.


Crisis Communication & Strategy

With advanced expertise in human behavior, group dynamics, trauma, and emotion, Dr. Carr helps high-profile CEOs and corporations respond to crises with sincerity, clarity, and authenticity. Her compassion-centered communications provide heartfelt and meaningful connections with victims and their families, the public, and stakeholders to lessen emotional trauma, avoid backlash, and foster public forgiveness and patience.

To effectively recover from or prevent a crisis, Dr. Carr provides the comprehensive strategy needed to best position the corporation or leader for a more powerful impact and presence. LEARN MORE


Solutions-Focused Small Groups

If your group or team is at an impasse, if a leader is placing your company at-risk or creating an unfavorable workplace, or if you have been unable to understand or resolve problematic patterns, Dr. Carr will meet with your group and affected staff to identify the behavioral, communication, and personality variables impacting morale & culture, outcomes, team cohesion, public impact, or your corporate mission.


Entertainment Industry & News Commentary

With additional degrees in Theater Arts and business, Dr. Carr serves as advisor to executives, producers, and leading talent in both television and film. Writers and producers consult with her for storylines that include psychiatric conditions, mental health treatment, serial killers, or social issues (e.g., racial tensions, human trafficking, mass shootings, domestic terrorism). Actors rely on her understanding of both theatrical performance and clinical psychology to help them prepare for emotional or trauma-triggering scenes and deliver captivating performances.

Dr. Carr also provides unbiased media commentary for headline news, crises, elections, political behavior, and psychological analysis of high-profile persons and events.

U.S. Representative

Chief of Staff

"Dr. Carr is extremely intuitive and her advice is always spot-on."

Global Sportswear Brand

Sr. Executive, Employee Relations

"We trusted Dr. Carr for several employee-related crises and her in-services for our executives gave a new perspective and better ways to address company-wide transitions."

Political Candidate


“Every campaign should have a psychologist! Dr. Carr helped with so much stress during the campaign and helped improve our staff and fundraising."
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Get in Touch

If you are (or represent) a person or corporation of influence or presence, Dr. Carr would be honored to help maximize your success and positive social impact.

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