Dr. Reneé Carr


Political & Corporate Advisor

Media Commentator



Even as a child, Dr. Carr was relied upon for her direction and ideas. Both adults and children alike recognized her unique ability to quickly assess a situation and provide mature insights and solutions. Throughout her extensive schooling, Dr. Carr's strong work ethic resulted in her consistent recognition as a top-performing student. As a scholar, she was awarded multiple academic scholarships, received numerous job offers, and was repeatedly recognized as a "Best ___" in her various positions and industries.

Now, as the confidential advisor to political and corporate leaders and CEO of the The Carr Advisory Group, Dr. Carr anticipates and provides preventive solutions for the possible concerns, challenges, or crises her clients might have. She also provides higher level strategies for delicate matters that high level figures face - with particular expertise in high stakes issues or events where the potential for loss, influence, or impact is high. Because of her confidentiality and integrity, Dr. Carr is consistently relied upon and valued for her discretion, intelligence, and vast insight that surpasses the strategies and outcomes of a leader's current advisory team.

brief bio

Dr. Reneé Carr is the trusted confidant to elected officials and CEOs. She applies psychological science to optimize the decision-making and outcomes for governments and corporations. She provides strategy and support to high-profile leaders for political, business, and personal matters. Dr. Carr specializes in solutions for matters that are high stakes, high level, and high impact.

With expertise in human thinking, behaviors, emotions, and communications, Dr. Carr advises political leaders on the solutions to improve their governments, economy, and impact on citizens. She provides insight on the likelihood of future events, how to prevent problems, and solutions for current problems or crises.

As the confidential advisor to CEOs, she provides the clarity, deep knowledge, and expertise needed to remove barriers to higher success; and to achieve purpose, prosperity, and peace of mind.

Frequently consulted for expert opinion and understanding, Dr. Carr provides media commentary for a variety of current events and topics. She frequently responds to local and national tragedies; unfavorably publicized events of celebrities, athletes, and other high-profile persons; and provides expert testimony in high-profile legal cases.


As an award-winning psychologist and entrepreneur, Dr. Carr has received numerous recognitions for her innovative use of psychology to produce significant outcomes, revenues, and achievements for her clients.


B.A. Theater Arts

B.S.  Accounting

M.B.A. with specialization in Entrepreneurship

M.S. Quantitative and Applied Psychology

Psy.D. Clinical Psychology

On psychological measures of achievement, Dr. Carr scores higher than 93% of the population.

As a high-achiever, Dr. Carr is driven to excel and obtain big wins for her clients.